Randall founded Tristraum with Pierre Norman and Kystyna Eller in 2004 just before meeting Steven. This dark wave project began in Denver, Colorado, USA and released a full-length album (GRAY) plus two singles. Pierre and Randall released a 12" as Spanky titled "Dominatricks" on Twitch Records (previously Twitch Remix Service) A very old website for Tristraum can be found here. A semi-complete discography for Tristraum can be found here.

Tristraum - Gray

  1. Eyes Wide Open
  2. First Embrace
  3. Death of Varena
  4. Gray
  5. Chase the Fire (Fixx cover)
  6. Shiver
  7. Walking with Shadows (Gary Numan cover)
  8. I'm Under No One
  9. Before It's Gone
  10. Toothing

Tristraum - Shiver MCD

  1. Shiver
  2. Shiver - (Assemblage 23 [Polar Remix]
  3. Shiver - Echo Image [Whisper Remix]
  4. Shiver - Infam [Infamous Electro Dub]
  5. Shiver - Invisible Asps Remix
  6. Shiver - Amun Ra Club Mix
  7. Shiver - Empire State Human Remix
  8. Shiver - Saxon Pike [Darkscape Remix]
  9. Shiver - Equatronic Remix
  10. Shiver - Lime N' Dale Remix
  11. Brilliant (Boytronic cover)
  12. I'm Under No One

Tristraum - First Embrace MCD

  1. First Embrace (Empire State Human Remix)
  2. First Embrace (Amurai Club Remix)
  3. I'm Under No One (God Project Remix)
  4. First Embrace (Troski's Block Remix)
  5. I'm Under No One (Sequentia Remix)
  6. First Embrace (Lime N Dale Remix)
  7. Shiver (Therm Remix)

Tristraum - Shiver 12"

  1. Shiver (Therm's Trippy Remix)
  2. Shiver (Satori-C Glitch Bass Mix)
  3. Shiver (The Missing Link Smoky Mix)

Label: Mile High House (Denver) - Cat MHHR 002

Section 44 - 4x4 Volume 1

  1. First Embrace (Infinite Beat Remix)
  2. I'm Under No One (Blind Faith & Envy Remix
  3. First Embrace (Empire State Human Remix)

Spanky - Dominatricks 12"

  1. Dominatricks (Jim Hopkins Remix)
  2. Dominatricks (Spank Mix) by R. Erkelens / P. Norman
  3. Dominatricks (Bass Kittens Remix by J. Drukman
  4. Dominatricks (DJ Sense Dominatrixed Mix)

Label: Twitch Recordings (San Francisco) | Cat TWEP08
This song used LICENSED samples from The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight by Dominatrix (NYC) - Streetwise Records/Downpour Publishing


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