Electropop Vol 16 (Bonus Disc 1 & 2)

2019 / Includes "foreign love affair (pure vliss remix)" on bonus disc 1 and "foreign love affair (re-active inevitable remix) on bonus disc 2. Thank you to Conzoom Records for including Eloquent on this five-CD release. Wow.

Electropop Vol 14 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)

2019 / Includes "Lay All Your Love (DMT Berzerk Remix), "Foreign Love Affair" (Assemblage 23 Remix), Eloquent remixes for King of Nothing by Telekon and Sway by Eminent Sol. Two of the three CDs in this compilation are 100% Section 44 artists.

Give A Little Tribute: Vol 2

2018 / A great fan-based tribute album to Erasure.
"When I Needed You" by Eloquent is included

A Different Mix

2011 / "Carte Blanche (Rename Dance Mix)"

Synthetic Dance Music

2010 / "Circus Disco (Extended Mix)"

United Synthpop Artists 2

2009 / "My Happiness (Synthetik FM Mix)", "Bloom"

Electropop - Volume 1

2008 / "Carte Blanche (People Theatre Grande Affaire Extended Remix)"

Silver Echo - Vol 1

2006 / "Carte Blanche (Infinite Beat Remix)"

Sector One

2006 / "Carte Blanche (People Theatre Grande Affaire Remix)"

New Music Sampler

2006 / New Music Sampler (A Different Drum / Sec+ion 44 Records / Ninthwave Records) "Colourful Rumour"


Costa Rica Synth Fest Compilation

2006 / "Carte Blanche (Infinite Beat Remix)", "Nobody's Diary", "Faux Pas"

Hand Stitched Heart

2006 / "Carte Blanche (Infinite Beat Remix)"

Colorado Dark Arts Festival

2006 / "Carte Blanche (People Theatre Grande Affaire Remix)"

Modified 6

2005 / "Tora! Tora! Tora! (Feat. Introspect)"

Always on our minds - a tribute to PSB

2005 / "A Red Letter Day"

4x4 - Volume 1

2005 / "Le Premier Pas", "Carte Blanche", "My Happiness", "Paris In Our Hearts (Extended Mix)", "Prencipio De Fin"

State of Synthpop 2003

2003 - A Different Drum / "Moonlight Over London"


2002 / "Angel With Broken Wing - Blind Before Dawn (Eloquent Mix)"

Digital Explosion - The Latest

2002 / "Moonlight Over London"

Nobody's Diary - A Tribute to Yazoo

2002 / "Too Pieces - Blind Before Dawn (Eloquent Mix)

Digital Explosion

2002 / "Nobody's Diary"

United Synthpop Artists

2002 / "United For A Day - Blind Before Dawn (Eloquent Mix)"


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