REMIXES by eloquent

Here are the remixes Eloquent has made for other bands/artists. You can find the remixes on various online sources. iTunes, Bandcamp or individual artist sites. In some cases, the remixes are only available on CD and are out of print. A few remixes can be found on youtube also. A few remixes Randall has done are listed as Tristraum Remix or Spank Mix. These remixes were made prior to Randall joining Eloquent.

Probe 7 Pretty In Pink (Remixes)

Probe 7 - Pretty in Pink (Isn't He) Remixes

16 Tracks on this release. 12 mixes of Pretty in Pink and we worked on "Don't tell me what not to say" - check it out.

Release Date: August, 2023

Channel 69 "The Fall" (Remixed)

Channel 69 - The Fall (Lunar Eclipse Mix)

Check out this seven track release by Channel 69. Their excellent cover of the Psychedelic Furs song is remixed by Eloquent and a host of others. DJ Eli Labadie (Denver) co-produced this remix. Steven can be heard on it as well.

Release Date: May 25, 2023

Freezepop - Rare Bird (Maxi Single)

Freezepop - Rare Bird Maxi Single.

Includes 14 tracks including our remix (An Eloquent Remix). There are some great alternative versions on the song too.. including the demo that will give you a glimpse into Freezepop's songwriting process.

Release Date: May 6, 2022

Electropop Vol 20 - Various Artists

Electropop 20 includes an entire bonus disc of Eloquent remixes:

afterdark - alone (an eloquent remix)
color theory - but not tonight (an eloquent remix)
ficton 8 - let go (an eloquent remix)
freezepop - rare bird (an eloquent remix)
leiahdorus - just a kiss (an eloquent remix)
nordika feat. henrik iversen - like stars (an eloquent remix)
reed and caroline - before (an eloquent remix)
the dignity of labour - utopia (an eloquent remix)
toy - another love song (an eloquent remix)
tristraum - hand in hand (an eloquent remix)

Release Date: Sept 2021

Anything Box

"Dead Stars" (An Eloquent Pure Vliss Remix)

A remix by Eloquent and Steve Vliss
Release Date: May 2021


"Rare Bird" (An Eloquent Remix)

One of two remixes from the 2020 album Fantasizer
This will be released on Conzoom Records Electropop Volume 20. We'll post a link once ordering information is available around June/July 2021.


"Alone" (An Eloquent Remix)

2021 Release Date: Jan 20, 2021

Dimitri Berzerk

"Endurance" (An Eloquent Remix) featuring Claus Larsen
Digital Bandcamp release

Released December, 2020


"Higher Point of View" (An Eloquent Remix)

Released November 23, 2020


"Last Goodbye" (An Eloquent Remix)


Dimitri Berzerk

"My Love Is Electric" (An Eloquent Remix)
Maxi CD / 12" Color Vinyl Release


Eminent Sol

"Sway" (An Eloquent Remix)


Reed & Caroline

"Before" (An Eloquent Remix)


Taylor Swift

"22" (An Eloquent Remix)



"Seduce Me" (An Eloquent Remix)
2018 | Ecstasy (Remixes​/​Versions)

Book of Love

"All Girl Band" (An Eloquent Remix
2017 | Sound Umbrella


"King of Nothing" (An Eloquent Remix)


Clerissa Reveles "Lost"

Collaboration between Clerissa Reveles & Randall Erkelens - A future bass song. Enjoy.


Lord and Master

"Midnight Dreary" (An Eloquent Remix) - 2017

Real Experts

"Dancing in Outerspace" (An Eloquent Remix)



"Pensar No Es Sentir" (An Eloquent Remix)


The Killers

"Human" (An Eloquent Remix)



"Strange" (An Eloquent Remix)



"Doppleganger" (An Eloquent Remix)



"Fall Into My Arms" (An Eloquent Remix)

2011 | Self-released

Color Theory

"A Work in Progress" (An Eloquent Remix)


Color Theory

"Too Close" (An Eloquent Remix)

2017 Link to listen:


"Sacred" (An Eloquent Remix) 2015


"They Have Eyes" (An Eloquent Remix) 2014

The Dignity of Labour

"Utopia" (An Eloquent Remix)
2005 | A Different Drum ADDCD1189

Clublife "17"

Randall and Aidan Casserly (Empire State Human) put this song together around 2006 for fun. It was originally supposed to be released as a track on Tristram's debut. But the band thought all songs should be Krystyna Eller. So, it was cast aside waiting for a spot to be released. Sadly, it never found a home. So, here it is.. unofficial release of "17" under the name Clublife.

The Dignity of Labour

"Utopia" (An Eloquent Remix) - 2005 | Timetrax


"Kiss on the Telephone" (An Eloquent Remix)

2005 | A Different Drum

Michael Robidart

"Nothing" (An Eloquent Remix)
Mike and Randall met when they were both touring with Naked Eyes in the summer of 2007. Mike played drums. From town to town on the east coast of the USA, Mike would randomly play this song he was working on. Years later, he was touring with Mike Musso and happened to be in Denver. He stopped by Randall's house and recorded vocals and guitar in Eloquent's studio. Randall built music around it. Here is the result.


"Ideal" (Tristraum Remix)

2005 | Ideal Warefare MCD | Section 44 SEC004

Some Girl

"Feel Free" (Tristraum Remix)

2005 | A Different Drum ADDCD1181

Nouvelle Culture

"Turn Me On" (An Eloquent Remix)

2005 | Pop International (Germany) IntraPop 0300


"Problem" (An Eloquent Remix)

2006 | A Different Drum ADDCD1242

Color Theory

"But Not Tonight (Tristraum Remix)"
2004 | Color Theory Presents Depeche Mode (The Remixes)

Fiction 8

"Let Go (Spank Mix)"
2003 | Cryonica


"Another Love Song (Tristraum Mix)"
2003 | A Different Drum


"Time (Tristraum Remix)"
2003 | Too Close Too Far and Gone | Intrapop (Germany)


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